Notice of Proposed Civil Penalty

Have you received a Notice of Proposed Civil Penalty from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)? If you received this letter, you should be ready to defend your position.

The FAA’s Enforcement Division has authority to issue orders with a civil penalty if the Federal Aviation Regulations have been violated. In most cases, the FAA sends a certified letter with the list of alleged violations committed through an investigative report. 

This letter has a corresponding response deadline and options which should be taken immediately taken into action. Failure to send a response letter is subject to a civil penalty of up to $400,000 against persons other than individuals and small business concerns and up to $50,000 against individuals and small business concerns.

Informal Hearing and Settlement Options

Fortunately, there is an opportunity to resolve most of the enforcement cases at the beginning. An informal conference with an FAA attorney can be conducted to give the alleged violator a chance to bring the FAA’s attention favorable to the case. During this informal procedure, an enforcement action can be resolved to a mutual satisfaction of the parties. 

Finberg Firm will provide representation and give counsel on any settlement offers, with attentive consideration of the risks and expense of litigation to your career or business. 

Settlements may reflect a lower civil penalty amount, sometimes due to charges being dropped, or the payment of a civil penalty without a violation established as a matter of record.

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